About Bill

Most golfers can't do both, but Bill Breen is the rare combination of both player and coach. A PGA member since 1989, Bill has taught hundreds of golfers from the beginner to the tour level professional for 30 years.

Bill is a successful competitor in the PGA, currently ranked Tennessee's #1 Senior Professional Golfer.  Bill was the Tennessee State Senior Open Champion in 2013 and 2016, played in the US Senior Open in 2014, and the British Senior Open Qualifier in 2015. You can read more about Bill's playing career here.

Bill's goal for his students is to see an improved, more repetitive ball flight, lower scores and more enjoyment from the game.

Bill currently teaches private and group lessons at Harpeth Valley Golf Center in Bellevue, Tennessee.


Bill is ranked the #1 Senior Professional Golfer in the state of Tennessee because of his performance in local, regional and national tournaments.  He brings that experience to his lessons to help his students learn the skills necessary to play well on the course under pressure.

The last two years has seen Bill in the winning category on a regular basis.



The British Senior Open: The Old Course, St. Andrews; July 26-29;

The British Senior Open Qualifier, Kittocks, St. Andrews; July 23; 71; Qualified

US Senior Open, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO: June 28-July 1; 73/72/75/80

US Senior Open Qualifier, Hillwood Country Club, Nashville, TN; June 7, 2018; 68; 1st place, Medalist, Qualified

Colorado Senior Open, Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO; May 30 - June 1; 67/73/70; 6th Place

The Classic at Spring Creek, Memphis, TN; April 9-10, 2018; 71/76; 3rd place

Chapter Championship, McCabe Golf, Nashville, TN; March 26, 2018; -5 (27 holes); 1st Place

Senior Stroke Play, Port St. Lucie, FL:  January 7-8; 77/74

PGA Winter Championship Quarter Century, Port St. Lucie, FL: January 4-5, 2017; 75/70; 4th place




The Classic at Spring Creek, Memphis:  April 10-11, 2017; 74/68; 1st place

PGA Winter Championship Quarter Century, Port St. Lucie, FL: January 4-5, 2017; 68/70; 4th place


Hawaii State Open, Kona Lao: Dec. 16-18, 2016:  69/74;  2nd place

National Senior Pro Championship, Port St. Lucie:  Nov. 17-20, 2016;  77/66, 73/77; 45th place

Yamaha Player's Tournament, Foxland Harbor:  Sept. 19-20, 2016; 67; 1st place

Tenn Senior Section Championship, The Virginian:  Sept. 12-13, 2016;  69/67;  2nd place

Patricia Neal Classic; Holsten Hills Pro-Am; Aug. 22, 2016; 69; 3rd place

Honors Council Fire Pro-Am; Aug. 15-16, 2016; 72/68; 3rd place

Firehawk Pro-Am, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; July 18, 2016; 68; 1st place

Ira Templeton, Chattanooga; June 27-28, 2016; 66/68; 1st place

Capital City, McCabe; June 20-21, 2016; 65/72; 2nd place

Tennessee Section PGA, Arrington Vineyards; May 16, 2016; 65; 1st place

Tennessee Senior State Open, Stonehenge, Crossville; May 9-10, 2016; 73/69; 1st place

The Classic at Spring Creek, Memphis; April 12/2016; 70; 1st place

PGA Winter Sr. Stroke Championship; January 12-14; 71/77/72

PGA Winter Championship Quarter Century; Port St. Lucie; January 6-7, 2016; 71/71; 12th place