Bill Breen's Distance Wedge Range - Now Open!

Grand Opening, May 13, 2017...

But come give it a try today.

Except for the landscaping, we've finished Bill Breen's Distance Wedge Range at Harpeth Valley Golf Center and it's ready for you.  We are planning an official Grand Opening on May 13 and you'll be invited, but for now, come on out now and give it a try.  

This range will help you learn to control the exact distance the ball flies, and that will make all the difference in your score on the course.  I’ve learned and tested and used this practice technique for years.  Mike Bender, a PGA member in Orlando, Florida, is a friend, teacher and mentor of mine from way back and he introduced me to this practice technique.  Mike created this technique for his student, Zach Johnson, at the end of the 2006 PGA tour season.  By installing concrete blocks every 10 yards from 30 to 100 yards from the mat, Zach could practice on his own and get immediate feedback when the ball hit within a 4x4 area around the target; the ball bounces off the concrete. 

During Zach’s first practice on the new range, it took him 168 shots to hit all eight blocks.  After many months of practice, he set his personal record by hitting all of the blocks in only 50 shots.  In April 2007, Johnson laid up to a preferred wedge distance on every par 5, birdying 11 of the 16 par 5 holes to win The MASTERS Tournament and secure his first green Jacket.  Since that time, Zach has been considered one of the best wedge players on the PGA tour.

It worked for me too.  The first time I attempted this, it took me 103 balls to hit all of the targets.  After using this practice technique regularly in 2014 and 2015, I began to visualize the distances during competition and trust my swing.  The result was an eagle from 97 yards out on the 16th hole in the Tennessee State Senior Open in 2016, which brought me even with the lead.  I tied for the win. 

My goal now is to hit all the distances consistently in 60 balls or less.  What is your goal?

I’m excited about working with you on this distance wedge range.  It will be available for you during your lessons and in your own individual practice time.  I know it will make a difference for you.

The distance wedge range will be located at the opposite side of Harpeth Valley Golf Center from where we have our lessons.  We’ll have a party and a clinic to christen the range and you’ll be invited.  Our goal is to have the range open by the end of April.

Thank you for allowing me to work with you.  I look forward to a great golf season with you in 2017.